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Sports Arbitrage Results & Statistics

Below is a database of Arb Hunters' results since February 2003.

Total arbs (since 21 February 2003): 38,804

Average number of arbs per day in the past 12 months: 16.52

Average profit from each arb in the past 12 months: 2.603%.

Information If you had invested £1,000 in each of our arbs over the past 12 months you would have made a profit of £156,908.13


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Members Say

"Thank you Arb Hunters for helping me at every step of the way in my arb trading career.

I have learned to navigate numerous bookmakers' websites, interpret different odds styles, and quickly locate arbs when I receive your alerts.

Making money from sports arbitrage betting is so much easier now that I have your team backing me up!"

Mr T, Worcester