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Sports Arbitrage Results & Statistics

Below are the most 100 recent surebets found by Arb Hunters, and sent to our members.

This gives you an idea of the types of sport that we cover, as well as what sort of profit you can expect from individual arbs, and how many we usually find each day.

In the last 6 months we have found 3,795 arbs.

If you had invested £1,000 in each of our arbs over the past 6 months you would have made a profit of £98,046.64.


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Members Say

"I started with a bank of about 400, and after receiving your arbitrage alerts for 8 months later that's grown to 1,152 - much better than my high street bank could do!

I don't use all the arb alerts that I receive because I just don't have the time but if I could use them all, who knows how much profit I would have made!"

Mr R, Aberdeen