About Arb Hunters

Arb Hunters is a sports gaming information portal that specialises in the sports arbitrage & information sector.

Our primary purpose is to provide our subscribers with the very latest sports arbitrage opportunities, sent direct to their PCs or mobile phones via e-mail.

We are a small privately owned and run company located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Our specialist team, which consists of four dedicated individuals, is constantly working to review prices on numerous sports, involving hundreds of separate betting markets to locate sports arbitrage opportunities.

All updates to the Arb Hunters website are in "real time", with no delays, thus offering our members the very latest up-to-the-minute odds comparisons and arbitrage bets.

Arb Hunters

We are a sports arbitrage service provider offering:

  • 1,000+ arbs / month
  • Low £30 / month fee
  • Email alerts
  • RSS XML feed
  • Members area
  • Expert support
  • Operating since 2003
  • Cancel at any time


Members Say

"Thanks for a great service and easy to use website.

I am a new user with Arb Hunters and fairly new to arbing. I have been placing very low stakes over the past few months to see if I would consistently win, and prove that sports arbitrage can work for me, and it has."

Mr S, Essex