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To take advantage of all the arbs that we deliver, you will need to open accounts with all of the selected sportsbooks and betting exchanges listed below.

You do not have to deposit money when opening any of these accounts but it is highly recommended that you do, just so you that are fully aware of the procedure when needing to log-in and deposit funds at short notice.

It is also recommended that you deposit the maximum you possibly can when opening a new account with a sportsbook offering a % bonus on your opening deposit. There are terms & conditions to take into account but free money is free money, deposit as much as you can afford.

We advise you to use the links provided below to join the respective sportsbooks. That way we will then be in a better position to help you resolve problems should any arise.

Betting Exchanges Used By Arb Hunters

E-Wallets Recommended By Arb Hunters

Arb Hunters

We are a sports arbitrage service provider offering:

  • 1,000+ arbs / month
  • Low £30 / month fee
  • Email alerts
  • RSS XML feed
  • Members area
  • Expert support
  • Operating since 2003
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Members Say

"I have only subscribed for a few weeks and I think your service is absolutely first rate and very reasonably priced.

Your arbs are plentiful with your more unusual selections seeming to go unnoticed by the bookies and thus are available for lengthy periods.

Also I have had cause to email you with a couple of queries and your replies were prompt and to the point."

Mr G, Blackburn