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Arb Alerts
In addition to the conditions above, the following applies specifically to any information contained and issued in an Arb Alert.

Transmission of Arb Alerts
Emails are not guaranteed to reach their destination immediately. We cannot be held liable for delays due to the network of our web site host or your own email provider.

Arb Hunters is in the business or alerting our subscribers to the existence of arbitrage bets. We provide information relating to bookmakers odds that is correct at the time of sending but members must decide at their own risk how to use this information. We cannot guarantee the availability of arbitrage bets (as contained in "Arb Alerts") once we have sent the information out. We alert our subscribers as soon as we find an opportunity and ensure that it is available at the time of sending. However once we have issued an Arb Alert we cannot guarantee its further availability. Members should always check the information before placing any bets because Arb Hunters is not liable for any errors contained in our Arb Alerts although all due care and attention is taken to ensure accuracy.

Arb Hunters

We are a sports arbitrage service provider offering:

  • 1,000+ arbs / month
  • Low £30 / month fee
  • Email alerts
  • Members area
  • Expert support
  • Operating since 2003
  • Cancel at any time


Members Say

"At its best, my ISA paid about 4.82% interest annually, so per month I would receive about 14 on savings of 3,500.

On a fairly small arb of 2%, I can make 70 from my savings for 10 minutes 'work'.

Admittedly you can't always stake 3,500, but when the arb is bigger, there's no need to. Thankyou Arb Hunters!"

Mrs P, Bristol