How much money can I invest in sports arbitrage opportunities?


Each bookmaker will have a maximum stake and this varies for each bet depending on the odds and the size of the event. You'll be able to invest greater amounts in large, popular events than you will in smaller events where bookmakers' trading volumes are lower.

Unfortunately you cannot invest £10,000 in each arb and earn £250 each time!

The maximum stakes are usually between £500 and £5,000 but this varies greatly from each event and each bookmaker. On some bets you may be allowed £2,500 but on others only £50.

For this reason it is necessary to invest in multiple arbs in order to achieve an acceptable return on investment. For example, to make £100 per day profit you might split a betting bank of £5,000 between five arbs yielding 2%, or £20 profit, each.

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