How much money can I make by investing in sports arbitrage betting opportunities?

The amount of money you can make from sports arbitrage betting depends on a number of factors. These variables include the amount (or bankroll) that you have available to invest, the size of the arbs that you invest in, how much time you have to invest, and how well you manage your money.

Size of your bankroll

If you have £1,000 to invest in at least one 2% arb every day, you could make £150 per month. This amount is worked out on the assumption that you invest a quarter of your bank (£250) in a 2% arb every day. Arbs can take a few days to complete from the time you place your bet to the time your winnings are available to invest again, which is why you could not invest all of your bank each and every day.

Expanding on this if you had £5,000 to invest and bet on 5 arbs of 2% profit every day you should be able to generate £750 per month, and so on.

So as you can see, if you had £10,000 to invest it is possible to make £1,500 tax free every month. As your bankroll grows you have more cash available to invest and your returns increase.

Size of the arbs that you invest in

Continuing from the examples above, it follows that if you manage to bet on arbs with greater profitability your earnings will be greater. However, if you tie your bankroll up on smaller arbs then your profits will be less.

How much time you have available to invest

If your time is limited you may find that you do not have time to bet on as many arbs as you would like, and this will impact on your profits. You may be rushed into investing in the first arbs that are available, and these may be less profitable than ones that would have been available if you had had the time available to wait.

How well you manage your money

Money management is an important factor in becoming a successful sports arbitrage trader. You will need to be moving money between bank accounts and bookmakers' accounts, and maybe even e-wallets such as NETELLER. Charges sometimes apply to transactions so it's advisable to keep these transactions to a minimum in order to maximise your returns.

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