How much money do I need in order to start investing in sports arbitrage? Is there a minimum?

Technically there is no minimum investment or bankroll required to start taking advantage of sports arbitrage. But of course if you're going to pay an arb service provider to find your arbs, you'll want to make enough profit to cover your costs (and make it worth your time).

Each arb yields a profit that is a percentage of the total invested, so the more money you have available to invest, the greater the possible returns!

Each arb may take 5 or more days before your initial investment and profit are available to use again. Therefore if you have a small bankroll it may all be tied up for 5 days at a time, thereby limiting the number of arbs that you can bet on in any given period of time. The more funds you have available to invest, the greater the number of arbs you can bet on and so the greater your profits will be.

We would recommend having at least £500 available to invest in order to show a decent return on your money. In theory, with a £500 bankroll you might make around £60 per month. That would be based on investing your £500 bankroll in a 2% arb every 5 days.

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